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Jesus did not pray to paintings.
Jesus did not pray to statues.
Jesus did not worship his mother.
Jesus did not worship himself.
Christians are not following the ways of Jesus.
Jesus is a Muslim.

Jesus did not pray to paintings
Jesus did not pray to statues

Right on both counts. God did, however, sanction the creation of images that were used in acts of faith and worship, much like how Catholics and Orthodox Christians use images and statues today. The danger is when you start treating such objects as gods in and of themselves rather than mere representations of the Being or beings whom you love.

If Catholics and Orthodox Christians are guilty of idolatry, you better start burning your family photos or admit that you’re guilty of shirk, you filthy idolator. 🙂

Jesus did not worship His mother.

You’re right. He didn’t. It’s a good thing we don’t worship her, either. We venerate her, much like how various Muslims around the world venerate deceased saints and the ‘Ahl al-Bayt. And we give her the respect that she deserves in that way, as she was full of grace, her soul magnifies the Lord, and her intercession was the reason for Jesus’s first public miracle. Given her special connection to God, it only makes sense that we would show her respect, and glorify God through her.

Jesus did not worship Himself.

That’s somewhat correct. Jesus did not worship His human nature; He submitted humbly to that nature, and fulfilled the requirements it entailed to save us from sin. Nonetheless, He repeated stated the necessity of His Divine Nature. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, as He says in His own words. He is the Gate through which the faithful are saved. He is the Vine through which goodness comes. These are all His own words. It might be wise not to deny them.

Christians are not following the ways of Jesus.

Well, that’s partially right. Lots of Christians don’t follow the way of Jesus. And even of those who do, not one of them follow Him one hundred percent of the time. Because all are sinners, and have fallen short of the glory of God. Nonetheless, I can tell you that the most devout Christian follows the way of Jesus better than the most devout Muslim, because they acknowledge the fullness of Jesus’s teachings. There may be Muslims who follow the ways of Jesus better than Christians, and I hope God will acknowledge the sincere love of the Muslim faithful, at “peak performance” the Christian outperforms the Muslim every time.

Jesus is a Muslim.

“Muslim” in the sense that He submits to the will of the Heavenly Father? Yes, absolutely. “Muslim” in the sense that He would look at mainstream Islam and think “Yes, this is the message which I imparted to the world?” Don’t make me laugh.