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10 CONVERTS, 10 STORIES… [click on name to read their full testimony]

SCOTT HAHN — former Presbyterian pastor and professor of Theology —- Previously replied to student, “I assure you that what I’m giving you is not Catholicism; it’s the antidote to the poison of Catholicism.” 

MARCUS GRODI – former Presbyterian minister —- “Am I preaching truth or error?” I asked the Lord repeatedly. “I think I’m right, but how can I know for sure?

BRIANNA HELDT – “An Unlikely Convert” —- ”I discovered the wisdom and beauty in Catholic teaching, and that this teaching has existed from the time of the apostles themselves…I came to respect the Catholic Church. And then I fell in love with the Catholic Church.”

JENNIFER FULWILER – former atheist, now a Catholic speaker/author and busy mom of 6 children —- Once said that researching your way into Christianity “would be like researching your way into believing in the Tooth Fairy.“ 

PETER KREEFT – Philosopher, professor, Christian apologist, author —-“…I was never taught to hate Catholics, but to pity them and to fear their errors.“ 

MARK SHEA – former evangelical Protestant, now Catholic author — It took Mark Shea four tries to become a Catholic.

LEAH DARROW – Revert to the faith, former contestant on America’s Next Top Model —- What it means to be a woman of virtue, how do we define love and happiness… 

KAREN BEATTIE – Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go: On My Conversion to Catholicism —- “There are many reasons why I converted. But it seems ironic that a free spirit like me, who doesn’t like hierarchy, routine, and structure ended up in the Catholic tradition.”

EMILY STIMPSON, Why I’m Never Leaving the Catholic Church —- ”The evidence of history became plain: The early Church was a Catholic Church. The Scriptures that made Jesus present to me were her Scriptures. She wrote them. She assembled them. She preserved them. She translated them. She understood them. To argue with her was to argue with those Scriptures. It was to argue with Jesus. And I wasn’t about to do that.”

RYAN EGGENBERGER3 Reasons This Protestant Became Catholic —-“…This little Lutheran boy traversed almost 500 years of controversy and division between his founder and the Pope of Rome. I did the unthinkable. I became Catholic.

Updated to add:

FR. DON CALLOWAY – From Drug Addicted Pagan To A Priest Of Mercy! So, what on earth could have turned this rebellious youth, this struggling addict, this “animal” (as he later described himself), into a devout Catholic priest, not to mention into an eloquent author of books on theology and Mary?

FR. JOHN BARTUNEK – From atheism to Christianity to Catholic priest with the Legionaries of Christ

RYAN MCLAUGHLIN – Evangelical, former pastoral intern, law school graduate “And of course, we trashed Catholics. “I mean, if those people ever picked up a Bible, they’d figure out how dumb what they believe is, right?


I’ve been so inspired by all these stories, hope you will be too! 

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