“This photo was taken a few years ago in London when…

“This photo was taken a few years ago in London when Daniël and I visited and stopped into this beautiful historic church and prayed together. I find it funny that the world tells us that we should look for and date a man who shares common interests – hobbies, musical tastes, passions, etc. – but all of a sudden when you share that you want to date a man who loves Jesus and lives his faith you’re told you’re being “picky” or “unrealistic.” Real talk…there is absolutely nothing wrong with the desire to date a man whose faith takes precedence in his life, who wants to pray with you, who loves Jesus. At all. Ever. You’re not being unrealistic, there’s nothing to apologize for about it, and there is not – and never will be – anything “picky” about wanting to marry a man who loves what you love most right alongside you.“ -Emily Wilson
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