From @findingphilothea: In 2013 I moved to a new city to start…

From @findingphilothea:
In 2013 I moved to a new city to start nursing school. I didn’t know many people and I desired real community and authentic friendships. So I decided to create a young adults group in honor of Blessed Pier Giorgio, one of my favorite people in heaven! Frassati Western New York was founded to create a community where young Catholic adults could come together and share the faith. It’s where I met Mike, it’s where I made incredible friendships, and it’s where I pushed myself to do adventurous things – like fly to Rome and ask (and receive!) a relic of Blessed Pier Giorgio. I desire so much for each and every person to find their community of faith. We are made to be with one another, that is when we truly flourish! I am thrilled about the new social media platform @catholicconnect is creating! It allows you to connect with others in your community of faith to see what events are occurring in your area and throughout the world! The faith filled friendships in my life are the most edifying. From the friends I made in Frassati Western New York, to the friars who helped teach me at Franciscan University – I am eternally grateful to God for these men and women of faith. I cannot wait to see the people I will meet through Catholic Connect’s new platform! Be sure to follow them to see updates about this amazing project, their kickstarter starts soon! 🇻🇦💛✨