Message from @thefrankfriar: “When I was discerning my vocation…

Message from @thefrankfriar:
“When I was discerning my vocation to religious life, the need for community was always at the forefront of my mind. I knew I needed community in my life. I needed people around, who all shared the same horizon, a goal that our lives could be based on. My vocational discernment lead me to the Carmelite Order. A community that showed me a life lived in allegiance to Jesus Christ must be rooted in a prayerful listening. A prayerful listening that allows the heart to be transformed by the voice of our beloved, Jesus Christ. My Carmelite Order has helped me to discover new things about myself and grow in new ways that I did not even know were possible for me. The passion for my Order and the mission we have received, lead me to start a social media ministry to share the Carmelite charism. Early on in this ministry I met the wonderful people at Catholic Connect who helped me to shape and share my content, so I could reach and help more people. I am so excited to see what this new platform will be like, that they are creating for us. I feel it will be a great resource for forming, shaping, and building Catholic communities in and for this new missionary frontier, we call the internet. I wish to thank them all for the work they are doing in terms of the new evangelization! Know that I support you and I appreciate the work you are doing.”
—Prayers from Carmel
Fr. Nicholas Blackwell, O. Carm. (aka The Frank Friar)
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