Today marks a special day for us. On this day two years ago,…

Today marks a special day for us. On this day two years ago, when I was just seven weeks pregnant with Peter, I began hemorrhaging and had to go to the hospital. I will never forget driving to the hospital, my heart so full of love for the little life within me. The doctor in the emergency room said that I would probably miscarry, but that it was “okay” because, “it’s your body’s way of ridding a defected baby.” Those were the harshest, coldest words for a mother’s heart to hear. But then I heard Peter’s heart beat, and was handed this sonogram of him, and my heart filled with overwhelming joy and hope. We left the hospital praying for Peter, for his little life to strengthen and grow. Our prayers were answered in abundance! October is the month that celebrates life in a beautiful way. It is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month and Down Syndrome awareness month. If you are struggling with loss, or the fear of losing a child, we are praying for you in a special way tonight. If you have a child with Down Syndrome, we look up to you so much. You are so special and so beautiful. Every life is precious, every life is necessary, every life is willed by God.
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