Through studying the Church Fathers, an Arizona pastor leads…

Through studying the Church Fathers, an Arizona pastor leads part of his congregation into Catholicism.
@joshuamangels, a pastor at a Tucson Assembly of God church, felt in his heart a growing desire to join the Catholic Church, which culminated with his resignation of his position at the church in September and entering the catechumenate a month later at a local Byzantine Catholic parish. Along with him and his family came several in his flock, all taking the plunge together into the Church.
His journey to Rome was initiated by hearing a talk in January 2016 as Mangels was driving home from a conference and chose to listen to a link he’d been sent by a friend. Mangels directly credited the work of this apostolate with starting him on his path towards Holy Mother Church:
“I had a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Van Buren, Arkansas to Oklahoma City. Someone sent me a link to a Church Militant daily clip; I didn’t even look who it was, I just played it over the rental car audio. It was Michael Voris, and he touched on mortal sin, and he said something about the Church Fathers, and I had felt so let down at this conference. And he was talking about holiness in the context of mortal sin and what the Church Fathers said.”
The protestant conference had been focused on reaching out to the unchurched, and Mangels left feeling disappointed with what he heard. “At the conference the big push is how to be relevant and how to attract young people and basically how to be a religious marketeer.”
“The more you dig, Protestants have never agreed on anything. So I kind of had this false notion that out of these conferences would come some kind of purism, but it’s just ‘Hey, try harder, market more, spend more on advertising.’”
[Voris] got my curiosity going, so I clicked through more of his videos, and then I sat at the airport and listened for another two hours. I was almost addicted to watching all of his videos. I watched his video on Freemasonry, which was an hour and a half long. I literally watched it twice in a row. It was his video on Freemasonry that closed the deal on me.
Via @catholicnewsagency & @churchmilitantcom