Question for Mr. and Mrs! Will you tell us abo…

Question for Mr. and Mrs! Will you tell us about your wedding? What sorta of readings and songs did you have? How did you plan it all? Did you have similar tastes or did you have to compromise?

1. Our wedding was beautiful, befitting a beautiful bride. 🙂 It was very small with only 50 or so guests. Maybe. 

2. We had a TLM wedding with the traditional readings. I recall saying “in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, with this ring I thee wed.” Emerald picked out the hymns. I remember Be Thou My Vision and Come to the Water (because it was sung at her confirmation too). We hired the church choiress to sing.

3. Emerald’s mother hired a planner. Even for a small wedding, planning is a big job and we’d never done it before. I remember that Emerald was stressed out a lot because obviously the bride is the center of everything and she’s not a party person. She made a rule that nobody could ask her wedding questions until she’d had her morning coffee.

4. We have very similar tastes. We both wanted a classy, understated wedding and we got it.