St. Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor of King H…

St. Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor of King Henry VIII, he seemed to live a comfortable life. Yet, he served the poor in many ways and known only to his daughter who laundered his clothing, he wore a hair shirt. More also died a martyr rather than compromise his faith, for refusing to publicly support the King’s immoral remarriage.

Consider also that behind so many of our Catholic institutions and Catholic media are wealthy donors. Ultimately, we need to simply concern ourselves with what God is asking of us. To live poorly but then to sneer at the wealthy is still the sin of pride.

Rather than judge those who have a lot or a little money, we must personally strive to detach from it. The day I heard that the Beatles’ George Harrison had died, the thought crossed my mind: “Well, he’s no different than a cleaning lady now.” His soul lay bare before God with no earthly fame and fortune to lean on. Just as it will be for us one day.
Ultimately, the relationship between money and Catholics is awkward because it is supposed to be. We are to be in the world not of the world. It’s less about the money and more about the challenge of detachment. Whether we work in an around the Church or not, we should be no less committed to the Gospel.
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