Discerning Religious Life





Discerning R.L can feel lonley sometime, so I would like to know if there are people out here who are discerning.
If it isn’t too personal I would also like if people would reblog this and write a little about their journey so far. It would be amazing if you could find here a person who is interested in the same Order!

Have started discerning with the Dominican Friars!
Have been on/off the thought of consecrated life for a few years now after my big Conversion, but it seems that now it’s the time to plunge into the deep for real! Now I’m at the aspirant stage attending weekend visits to different convents in Italy. Entrance to Pre-noviciate would be Sept 2018 in case it works. God bless you!

I discerned with Little Sisters of the Poor as a volunteer, and I was an affiliate with the Religious Teachers Filippini. Right now I’m taking a break from discernment until the new year, I think. I might look into the Dominican nuns or the Carmelites, not sure what my next step will be. Either way the whole journey through has been God writing straight with crooked lines. It will all make sense eventually, because lately it hasn’t lol. But my trust is in Him still.

lol discernment is not all it’s cracked up to be. it’s a lot of pain, heart ache, unknown, and generally kind of stumbling around in the dark

i know that seems cynical and harsh, but there are bright sides as well. God really does take care of us, and i’ve had all sorts of opportunities that i wouldn’t have had otherwise. it’s a journey, it’s long, and it doesn’t end for a long time. pray all the time, cry when you wanna cry, read some good books, talk to priests