I've been learning about, and researching…

I've been learning about, and researching Catholicism in general, and I feel that I relate and agree with Catholicism more than any other religion. However, I was not raised Catholic or born into a Catholic family. I was wondering what I would need to do or what process I need to go through in order to truthfully call myself a Catholic.

Hi there

Everyone is welcome into the Catholic Church, whether or not you were born/raised Catholic.

To become Catholic, you will need to go through an RCIA process.

I recommend you find your nearest Catholic Church using this link http://latinmassdir.org/ , attend Sunday Mass and after the Mass, go to the priest and introduce yourself. 
Tell him exactly what you have told me and he will guide you further.

I am so excited for you.  You are in for a journey of wonderful things and beautiful surprises.

Please do keep me updated on your progress.

God bless you!