“Rannah Evetts [Far Left] is the director and …

“Rannah Evetts [Far Left] is the director and founder of the St. Francis School for the Deaf. In 2014, after an intense conversion and baptism into the Catholic Church God lead me to a Deaf School in Kampala, Uganda where I was to spend the next seven months. My first day at school was also the first day of a girl just two years younger than me who had never had a language. This hit me hard and has never left me. The realization that she had never read or heard the Gospels or been told of God’s infinite love for her along with being isolated from family and society- unable to express emotion, thoughts, opinions, or fully pursue her dreams in life left me saddened with a heart yearning to help change those circumstances.
In this time of learning, growth, and the stretching of my heart, the director of the school took me to Northern Uganda. Before it was time for me to leave he told me, “I think God wants you here.”
Thank God he was right. In September 2016, Bishop Wanok of the Nebbi Diocese offered me a center to be used as a Deaf boarding school. In one day a distant dream of mine, which had seemed impossible, became reality.
I hope to lift, even if a little, the oppression placed upon the Deaf. I hope to see them pursuing their dreams in becoming farmers, teachers, business owners, and mothers and fathers. I hope to help guide our students on a path to holiness and Christ. Whatever it may be, may it all be for the Glory of God. It starts with a language, it starts with an education, and it starts with just one child – and through Christ may it be accomplished.”
—Rannah Evetts
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