In Fr. Ripperger’s video where he talks about …

In Fr. Ripperger’s video where he talks about generational spirits, he mentioned that even countries have demons attached to them and that the demon of the USA is the demon of avarice.

The effects of the spirit of avarice is very clearly manifesting in the States as I see so many people in two-parent households vehemently defend their decision to acquire and acquire and acquire.

This coming Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday is one example.
The mental gymnastics that I am seeing a lot of people go through in order to justify indulgence and NOT fast/abstain is truly mind-boggling.

If you are justifying your decision to be a working mom, instead of being willing to make sacrifices, be frugal or even move, please consider……are these truly your own decisions……or are you being influenced by the demon of avarice?

Greed, materialism, indulgence and an unwillingness to make sacrifices is not just tearing apart families, but the US as a whole.

This makes me so sad. 😔