BABY ISAAC UPDATE FROM “PRAY FOR BABY ISAAC” FACEBOOK PAGE: Sweet little Isaac has had a better day today! He even had a special visitor, his uncle Br Leo. 💞 The doctor doesn’t seemed as concerned about his heart rate and thinks it’s staying within range with the medication. 🙌 Isaac had the sleep study last night and they are pleased with the results. They think he only needs a little oxygen at night. 🙌 He seems to be yawning which is a new movement and makes his momma’s heart happy! 💞
The doctors are actually starting to give a time line for when Isaac may get to leave the hospital. Yay! Although they are saying 2 to 2 ½ weeks, that shows progress. 🙌
Mary and Greg are handling the situation very well, but could definitely use prayers to sustain them. Isaac has been in the hospital 3 weeks already and will be there probably 2 more. We know it is by your prayers that they have been able to stay strong for Isaac. And by your prayers, Isaac is showing little improvements every day! We are still believing in God and the possibility of full and complete healing of Isaac’s brain! Please continue to pray with us! 🙏
Via @franciscanmissionaries 🕊