Testimony of Father Paul Hancko: “I am a nativ…

Testimony of Father Paul Hancko:
“I am a native of Czechoslovakia and as a six-year-old lad, I heard our Lord’s call to be a priest. It was a great grace to receive such an invitation. Yet early in life I realized the impossibility of studying theology in Czechoslovakia, so when I was about 13 years old I wrote to Padre Pio, “Padre, please help me to become a priest and if I cannot study at home, please help me to get abroad.” I received a hand written note that Padre Pio was praying for me. In 1976, as an immigrant, I arrived in Canada where I began my studies required for ordination and on August 25, 1989, by the grace of God and through the intercession of our Blessed Mother and Padre Pio, I was ordained a priest. I am very, very happy to be a priest and to belong to the Church which has so many, many saints in every age but especially in our own time. Padre Pio, thank you!”