Quiz time: Which 20th-century Catholic preache…

Quiz time: Which 20th-century Catholic preacher was seen and heard by 30 million people a week between the years 1951-1957? Which one was sometimes called the new John Chrysostom? Which one came in on one list of most influential 20th-century Catholics right behind Sts. John Paul II, Teresa of Calcutta and Padre Pio, in that order? And which one heard Pope John Paul II tell him in public, “You have written and spoken well of the Lord Jesus. You have been a loyal son of the Church!”

Answering “Archbishop Fulton Sheen” to each one gives you a perfect score. Such an eloquent, magnificent preacher was he that, during the years of his Life Is Worth Living TV series, he became the top draw on television and won an Emmy award his first year out, and then again, both for “Most Outstanding Television Personality.” Life Is Worth Living remained popular in reruns and still finds a weekly home on EWTN television.
Archbishop Sheen’s gift was heaven-sent. He was able to connect with each listener as if he were speaking to him or her alone. His words cut to the core and reached into the heart because they came from his heart. He had an extraordinary “way with words” — a gift to put something complex into concise ways that reached a person’s understanding and heart at the same time.
He wrote more than 65 books, too.
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“Bishop Sheen’s timeless insights and advice have never been more needed. But he wrote so many volumes, it’s hard to know where to begin. Alexis Walkenstein solved this problem. This is like a chocolate sampler of Sheen’s wisdom. Be prepared to be surprised, transformed and initiated into the mind and heart of Fulton Sheen.” -Raymond Arroyo