Masculine energy is projective, while feminine energy is receptive.

For the 1st two-three months of dating, never go to his turf or meet him halfway.
As the man, he should be pursuing, not the other way around.

Let him spend the time and energy coming to YOUR town, YOUR city to see you!

Only after you two are exclusive can you then OCCASIONALLY meet him halfway.

A man who is truly invested in you and who really wants you will have no problem investing the time, energy and effort in coming to see you on your turf.

If he is unwilling to come to you, or he is asking you to meet him on his turf or meet him halfway, then he is either portraying feminine energy (ie wanting you to chase him) or he is just not that into you.  

Either way, stand your ground and let him go.

You’ll save yourself endless pain, heartache and wasted time.

Keep it moving.  🌹🙏🌹