“A few years ago, when Isabel was a toddler, I…

“A few years ago, when Isabel was a toddler, I got a call from a woman at our parish. She was looking for help with a brochure for her garden club and since I wrote a column in the newspaper maybe I could help? I didn’t even remotely have time for this (I said to myself) but couldn’t bring myself to tell her no. I tried to convince Paul to tell me I was too busy but he said “just see what she needs?” So one afternoon Isabel and I drove to her house downtown and she showed me what she needed done (it was doable). That turned into multiple visits to her house (design, layout, dropping off the programs) and I began to treasure our visits. I learned all about Mrs Lewis, how she had been widowed with seven young children and how every single one of her kids went on to be successful. This little old lady who sat in the front row at the early Mass became someone I loved to greet each Sunday. I know God put it on my heart to be open to help her all those years ago. It didn’t fit into MY plan for all the important things I needed to do — but my goodness it has blessed me and my Isabel, who Mrs Lewis loves so much. My advice? Be open to what God is asking of you, the opportunities He presents. Don’t get so fixated on what you have to do that you don’t leave a little room for beautiful encounters that only God can arrange. ❤️ Mrs Lewis and her daughter came to Isabel’s First Communion Sunday and we were so honored.”
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