A Stingy Man Will Make A Stingy Husband

A Stingy Man Will Make A Stingy Husband:


Words used by weak, effeminate and stingy leftover men (and some brainwashed women) who try to shame women for following their natural God-given biological nature in choosing to only marry men who can financially provide for them.

And yet these hypocritical men would only prefer to date or marry women who are youthful or beautiful.

Don’t worry, Geoffrey.  Real women of value are not after your sort, anyhow.  

You good, boo boo!

Real manhood and masculinity do not make money an issue and quality men see nothing wrong in protecting and providing for their wives and families.

When the quality women who have self-value and high standards have all been snapped up by real quality men, then the Geoffreys of the world will be left with nothing but the angry, controlling feminist harpies or their own video games.  Enjoy(!)