A Test For Femininity



here’s a quick tip to check if you are truly embracing Biblical femininity.

When you walk into a room or space where the majority of the people there are men, how do they react?

If they treat you like one of the guys, ignore you, don’t notice you initially, or speak to you in a coarse/loud tone, you may need to work a bit more on your feminine energy.

However, if they stop and stare slightly when you walk in, drop their voice tone in conversation with each other,  stand up straight or straighten their shoulders, groom or adjust themselves slightly (ie straightening their tie or collar, running a hand through their hair or beard), speak to you with a gentle or dropped voice tone, offer to help, open the door for you, then you know that you are radiating true feminine, ladylike energy.

People say that actions speak louder than words and this is true.

Body language never lies.

Any male, even boys as young as 7, in presence of a woman is feminine and ladylike will instinctively rise in their masculine energy.  

They will feel and display a subconscious urge to be protective towards her and to treat her with respect, dignity and tenderness.

As you work on your character, virtue, grooming, posture and personality, use the above as a litmus test of your femininity.

You should be able to elicit the above response, in some form or the other, from men, anywhere and everywhere, regardless of your age, size or shape. 

Femininity is an energy that radiates from within you, when you really become in touch with who God made you to be. And when you radiate it, it inspires and awakens the masculine energy within men who are in your presence. 

God said we are to let our light shine. 

How do we do that as women?

We do so by inspiring virtue and masculinity in our polar opposite around us – men. 

And the only you inspire virtue and masculinity in men is when you are radiating Biblical femininity. 

Using our Lady as an example. 

Do you think that during her time, she would walk into a store and be ignored or treated disrespectfully by men? No!

She radiates such beauty, grace, and femininity that men would’ve stopped slightly, as they sense grace within her. 

Dear husbands, if you have a problem with your wives inspiring this sort of reaction within men she interacts with, you need to work on your issues. 

This is NOT about attracting the attention of males. 

You should want your wife to inspire men around her to be virtuous and treat her with honour and respect. 

To inspire men to become better versions of themselves. 

To quietly convert men to Christ, simply via her presence and femininity, without hardly saying a word. 

This is the type of wife that any man should desire and should be proud to have.