“It’s our first anniversary together, married …

“It’s our first anniversary together, married as One.

It feels bitter sweet. Sweet, of course, because my husband is wonderful and supports me in the most beautiful ways imaginable. Sweet because we have so much to be thankful for, and we adore our little family of tiny fur babies. Sweet because we are together for our first anniversary and not apart. Sweet because God is good, and we know He has a plan for our lives.
Bitter because we are celebrating our anniversary with heavy hearts. On Tuesday, we met with my new surgeon and discovered a third disease and to quote, my “appendix is real ugly.” I will write more in depth soon, if you want to follow my health journey. I shouldn’t be surprised that our first anniversary came with more disheartening news. This happened a day before our engagement, too, when discovering disease #1. It seems all too familiar, and I can’t help but wonder when the bad news will “take a rest.”
Whether or not there is an “end” to all of this heartbreaking news, we are in it together. Through thick and thin, sickness and in health. Greg embodies this wonderfully, by holding my hand when my blood gets drawn, washing my feet when I can’t move after surgery, attending most of my doctors appointments, being my biggest advocate, and so much more. I hope to love him as well and as selflessly as he loves me.
On this first anniversary, we are thankful for so much: many incredible memories, Greg’s service to the military which provides us with medical care, the cutest pets in the world, great friends, the poolside view at our apartment, our families, my 94 year old Nana Grambo, the sweetest nun who teaches us more about God’s love than anyone else through her selflessness and dedication to helping her spiritual chilren, and so much more. Most of all, we are eternally grateful for each other.
Greg, my beloved husband, thank you for loving me so well, especially when it has not been easy. You are a good man, a good leader, a hard worker, and an incredible husband. I love you with all of my heart. God bless you, my beloved. Thank you for everything.
All photos are taken by my husband and I with a tripod.”
Via @hayleequailer (at Arkansas)