“On Sunday 10 June 2018, in the rural to…

“On Sunday 10 June 2018, in the rural town of Goulburn, NSW Australia, my cousin Jamel, 30, was involved in a serious and tragic quad bike accident. She was riding the quad bike on the family farm along with her niece and cousin, both aged 8, when the quad bike fell to the side, crushing our beautiful Jamel and leaving her with significant injuries. Thankfully, the two young passengers with her were not harmed seriously.
Jamel went into cardiac arrest, broke her neck and spine, and has bruising on her brain. Her young cousin ran for help and told the adults once he had reached them that he tried so hard to lift the bike off Jamel but he couldn’t help her, but that maybe Jesus can.
Jamel was rushed to Canberra hospital where she underwent major surgery to secure her back and neck with pins. The operation was successful and she was flown via helicopter to Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick on Monday 11 June. Unfortunately, Jamel’s condition began to worsen late Monday afternoon and into the evening, when the doctors decided to put her into an induced coma to allow her body to rest and heal from their injuries.
I write this requesting if the Catholic Connect community could extend their prayers and thoughts for Jamel, in the hope that a miracle can be granted as she is now on life support and fighting for life. The doctors say that her organs are no longer functioning but we simply refuse to let go. Jamel Moussa was born on 22 June 1987 into a devout Lebanese Maronite Catholic family. She is the second youngest in a family of 7 children. Jamel grew up in a tight knit community, surrounded by her siblings and cousins. She studied law at University. She has served the Lord well in her 30 years on earth. She treats all people with love and respect. She radiates warmth wherever she goes. She is kind hearted, compassionate, and caring. Jamel attended St Mary’s primary school and would celebrate the Eucharist at the same parish on a weekly basis. In June 2014, she wed her husband Patrick at St Mary’s church, before the eyes of God and our Mother Mary.
Our beautiful and humble Jamel is a wife, sister, daughter, please join us in praying for Jamel.” 🙏❤️
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