FRIENDS, WE NEED YOUR HELP! 🙋🏻‍♀️ As many of…

As many of you know, I have been suffering with chronic illness for two years. I have three debilitating diseases, one of which is Endometriosis. After having a failed surgery with a regular GYN that resulted in a major, life-threatening complication, we decided to seek expert care.
We have found an incredible new expert surgeon: one of the leaders in excision surgery with a whopping 95% success rate! Those odds are insane compared to the average GYN’s success rate of only 20%. We trust him wholeheartedly, and are very excited (and nervous) to move forward with surgery on September 19th.
The surgery is more serious and complicated than most people realize. The surgeon will return my anatomy to “normal,” by excising the Endoemtriosis (all over my body), removing scar tissue, and separating fused organs fused. He will remove my Appendix, which looks “super jacked up” (official medical terms). We know I have an endometrioma on my left ovary and possibly hydrosalpix. Depending on their condition, they may have to be removed. Likewise, I may need a bowl resection depending on the condition of my colon, which would result in a 3-4 day hospital stay and longer recovery. There are several other “possible” outcomes, depending on the current condition of my anatomy.
My husband and I have created a GoFundMe Campaign (link in profile) to help cover the costs of surgery + travel.
Insurance does not cover this particular surgeon, however, we are hoping they will cover the costs of the hospital fees and the anesthesiologist. 😕
I have roughly 2000 followers on instagram, and 1000 friends on facebook. If everybody would prayerfully consider donating $5.20, we would surpass our goals of $15,500. Every penny will help tremendously at this point, and we would be forever grateful. If we exceed our goals, any extra donations will go to Greg’s mother to help her pay off medical debt from Cancer.
If you are unable to donate at this time, please join us in prayers for peace, grace, patience, perseverance and a safe surgery no complications.
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