🌹”Prayer is an aspiration of the heart, it is…

🌹”Prayer is an aspiration of the heart, it is a simple glance directed to heaven, it is a cry of gratitude and love in the midst of trail as well as joy; finally, it is something great, supernatural, which expands my soul and unites me to Jesus.”🌹
-St.Therese of Lisieux
With a seatbelt you can prevent yourself from getting injuries.
Just like our prayer lives. How do you expect your life to go easy when you don’t shield yourself with prayer.
When waking up each morning it should ring a bell that God is giving you another day for a reason. Don’t waste it for His sake because it’s not worth it to gain the world and lose your soul.
You’ve heard of people sleeping and dying in their sleep. No sound, no pain, just simple heart problems and just at a blink of an eye they died with no warning or maybe you felt it as if you are blessed to have another day.
God’s mercy is endless, but taking advantage of that mercy can cost you a lot.
The first thing you do when you get to the car is put on your seatbelt since you know it’s for your own protection.
When actually the first thing you should do before you even turn the car on is to pray and offer your day to God’s will and to be under God’s hands.
Most of us barely remember praying in the car on our daily commute and when something bad happens, we blame Him and dare to ask Him why He let this happen.
Those who are consistent in their prayer life and know what prayer is. Those are the happiest and will always find happiness after suffering.
So how about you enjoy life, be a happy Christian, & pray more often, will you?
At the end, it is your life and each one of us will handle the consequences of our actions.
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