tradcatfem: Why is the US the only industrial…


Why is the US the only industrialised nation with no paid leave for new mums? 


The US honestly needs to have more family-friendly policies.

This backward thinking hardly speaks of progress.

I am literally shocked that this great nation, a world power, offers no paid maternity leave. None whatsoever!! 😱

This could be one of the reasons why marriage and the family structure in America are disintegrating much faster than other 1st World or industrialized countries.

If England and other countries can offer paid maternity leave, I see no reason why America can’t either.

The preferred ideal is for moms to be home with their babies, but not all mothers can do so, especially single moms.

Also, whether or not she decides to return to work after childbirth, the new mother deserves to have paid maternity leave.  That is what your taxes are for.

PS – if you are an American getting all triggered and defensive about this video, then your priorities are a little skewed. 

Don’t mistake your arrogance and inability to accept flaws in your system as patriotism. It is not and you are only hurting your own selves and your families.

I hope this issue comes to the attention of President Trump and he does something about this.

He has already implemented a lot of helpful policies and this should be a piece of cake for him.

Make America Great Again by making America family-friendly.

A great nation is formed from strong families.