Sometimes I hear, “You’re so extreme.” “Brittn…

Sometimes I hear, “You’re so extreme.” “Brittney, you’re way too traditional.” “Do you even wear pants anymore?” “Catholics need to get with the times! They need to accept birth control and gay marriage!” I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve said those comments long ago, before I realized how truly wrong I was. That I guess I really didn’t know my Catholic faith after all.

Now I laugh to myself when I hear people say this. I respond by saying, “But this is what it means to be Catholic and follow God…I’m not extreme. You’re just comparing my lifestyle to the lifestyles of today. A society that rejects God. A society that doesn’t even know what sin is anymore. A society that embraces everything that makes them ‘happy’ at all costs. A society that encourages free sex, porn, kids out of wedlock, divorce, skimpy clothing, and praise the rich. A society who has their mind completely warped of what marriage really is. Of what true sacrifice is. A society who doesn’t truly value family and children, as millions of innocent babies are murdered each year through abortion. Contraception only paved the way for meaningless sex without consequence and promoted infidelity, skewing the reality of real love and union -procreation- between a husband and his wife. This is why I seem ‘extreme’ because I choose to reject the Godless society and their immoral beliefs. I choose God and salvation above all. How I’m living is what it means to be Catholic. I’m not half way in and half way out. You can’t be if you call yourself Catholic. Because Jesus didn’t say, ‘pick and choose what you want to believe from Me.’ Did He? Of course not. He clearly explains salvation in the Bible. That’s what I live for. And no, asking the Catholic Church to ‘get with the times,’ is asking them to change the Bible. To conform to US and our happiness and not Jesus. What is written and passed down to us for more than 2,000 years cannot be changed to conform to our lifestyles. WE must change so we conform to Jesus.” If you feel like you aren’t fitting in with the world as you grow closer to God, believe me, you’re doing something right. Because you aren’t of this world, but of the next 🙏
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