The diabolical people trying to normalise paedophilia are claiming that it is mental illness.

They claim they can’t help themselves and we should all feel sorry for them, accept them and allow them to have sex with our children.

Nice try, Satan (!)

Paedophilia is not a mental illness. I do think it is somewhat along the lines of being a character/personality disorder.

Mental illness can be cured or managed with therapy and medication; Pedophilia – nope.

Paedophilia might be considered along the Cluster B personality disorder spectrum (which includes sociopathy, psychopathy and malignant narcissism) simply because paedophiles display similar traits to Cluster Bs – predatory behaviour, with a grandiose sense of entitlement, grooming behaviour, boundary violation, lack of accountability etc.


Cluster Bs generally arise due to trauma or some form of dysfunctional early childhood ie neglect, abuse or over-indulgence etc

Not so with paedophilia.

Which makes me suspect strongly that paedophilia is a manifestation of diabolical and demonic influence or infestation in the person.

People who are mentally ill often don’t know what they are doing is wrong, and they cannot control themselves or their behaviour. 

Paedophiles can – just insert a policeman in the scenario and watch them quickly control themselves.

Paedophiles are not mentally ill. 

Don’t buy the lies.

Do not allow yourself to be groomed and conditioned into accepting the diabolical.

Paedophiles know what they are doing is wrong and they CAN  control themselves, even if they try to convince you otherwise.

They truly enjoy hurting and degrading children. 

They are diabolical and many traditional Catholic priests have mentioned paedophilia to be a form of demonic infestation/influence in the person.