tradcatfem: You see this?Men like these do exi…


You see this?
Men like these do exist!

My husband and the husbands of other trad TCF women here are not in the minority.

I see more men out there with traditional values who are happy to protect and provide for their wives and families.
These men are smart enough to understand the value of a SAHM

Don’t let misogynistic, foolish, predatory or low value men condition you into believing otherwise.

Date a smart man, not a fool.

Don’t let bitter, feminist women tell you that you can’t have this traditional, Biblical life.

There are also defeatist women who whine that trad honourable men like these don’t exist, but what they mean is that they don’t want to work on themselves to be a trad feminine woman – the kind of woman that these honourable men would eagerly pursue.

So they’d rather spend their energy and time beating down men, ridiculing trad women and stomping on your hopes and aspirations.

They don’t want to see you do better or be happy.

Avoid women like these. Don’t even have them in your friends circle. They are toxic and would poison your life.

The people in your circle should inspire and challenge you to improve your life.
If not, you don’t have a circle – you have a cage.