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What a joy to return to Harvard and give a lec…

What a joy to return to Harvard and give a lecture (“Creed & Communion”) to 300+ folks in the beautiful Church of St. Paul last Friday night. Special thanks go to Fr. William Kelly and the Harvard Catholic Student Center for their warmth and hospitality.
God bless you Dr. Scott Hahn! 🙏🕊🇻🇦
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“No one, however weak, is denied a share in th…

“No one, however weak, is denied a share in the victory of the cross. No one is beyond the help of the prayer of Christ. His prayer brought benefit to the multitude that raged against him. How much more does it bring to those who turn to him in repentance.” -St. Leo the Great
Philip Ng Chee Tat is, indisputably, the wealthiest man in Singapore. Worth an estimated $8.7 billion, Philip has been the Chief Executive Officer of Far East Organization Centre Pte. Ltd. since 1991 and is a highly accomplished businessman with years spent as a top executive, steering various companies into seasons of vast profits. But it is not money that motivates Phillip to succeed in the business world as he told this young man.
“All of us our broken,” Philip explained. “We all have a missing piece. For me, I discovered that the missing piece was God in Jesus Christ.”
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“I congratulate you all for memorizing Scriptu…

“I congratulate you all for memorizing Scripture. You’re hiding His Word in your hearts so that in times of trial and temptation, you will have a weapon to fight with.”
@timtebow, in a letter to the class of 2009 at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, Edina, MN
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We must reignite our faith in Christ. We must …

We must reignite our faith in Christ. We must partake in the celebration of the Eucharist. We must reach out to those who have left. We are the future of the Church.
Join @logoscatholic FREE Bible Study launching soon! They will be using the New American Bible. In efforts to create a free study, so anyone can be a part of it.
How it works is once a week the readings and reflection questions will be posted on their social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). A calendar of the readings and questions will be available on their website so that anyone can jump in at any time. Conversation for participants will be open on our Facebook page.
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In fine, “thy name, O Mother of God, is …

In fine, “thy name, O Mother of God, is filled with divine graces and blessings,” as St. Methodius says. So much so, that St. Bonaventure declares, “that thy name, O Mary, cannot be pronounced without bringing some grace to him who does so devoutly.”. . grant, O Lady, that we may often remember to name thee with love and confidence; for this practice either shows the possession of divine grace, or else is a pledge that we shall soon recover it.

On the other hand, Thomas a Kempis affirms “that the devils fear the Queen of heaven to such a degree, that only on hearing her great name pronounced, they fly from him who does so as from a burning fire.” The Blessed Virgin herself revealed to St. Bridget “that there is not on earth a sinner, however devoid he may be of the love of God, from whom the devil is not obliged immediately to fly, if he invokes her holy name with a determination to repent.” On another occasion she repeated the same thing to the saint, saying, “that all the devils venerate and fear her name to such a degree, that on hearing it they immediately loosen the claws with which they hold the soul captive.” Our Blessed Lady also told St. Bridget, “that in the same way as the rebel angels fly from sinners who invoke the name of Mary, so also do the good angels approach nearer to just souls who pronounce her name with devotion.”
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Fr. @tomasravaioli is fundraising to help kids…

Fr. @tomasravaioli is fundraising to help kids buy treatment for their skin. It costs approximately $300 USD per person for this kind of treatment. Please consider sponsoring a child and help them get treated. 🏥❤️
“We must show charity towards the sick, who are in greater need of help. Let us take them some small gift if they are poor, or, at least, let us go and wait on them and comfort them.” -St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori
James 2:8 However, if you fulfill the royal law according to the scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well.
To Donate:
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Fr. @tomasravaioli is asking for our help!! He…

Fr. @tomasravaioli is asking for our help!! He is serving in Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 and wants to help buy treatment for the kids:
In our mission in Papua New Guinea, we are helping a lot of kids with a skin disease called “Grille”.
Transmission is usually by direct personal contact between family members sharing household items or from parent to child soon after birth. High humidity and warmth are likely environmental factors in the incidence of infection.
In order to get rid of this disease, each kid has to take a tablet of a medicine called “Griseofulvin” once a day, and each tablet costs USD 1. And since they should take medicines during 300 days, the full treatment to help a kid costs USD 300.
Please Consider Donating & Sharing the #GoFundMe Campaign:
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“The abuse scandals that have reached the high…

“The abuse scandals that have reached the highest levels of the Catholic Church have angered and greatly saddened many of the faithful and good bishops and priests. When I became Catholic nine years ago (picture is from my last trip to Rome!), I knew the history of the Church and the reality that terrible evil and betrayal existed at the highest levels of the Church, dating back to Judas. But Jesus promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail and that He will never abandon His bride. I wrote about this in First Things (link in @lilaroseofficial’s bio) and shared my thoughts about what we can all do to renew the Church and live our faith passionately for Christ.”
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“Some of the condemned are greater sinners, ot…

“Some of the condemned are greater sinners, others lesser. The conditions for their punishment and retribution are set up accordingly. Although all the condemned are enclosed in darkness, not all of them experience it in one and the same way. Darkness differs from darkness, horror from horror, hell-fire from hell-fire. God’s rule is one of justice and mercy everywhere, even in hell. Thus, those who have sinned deliberately have their particular punishment, those who have sinned out of weakness have a different one, those who are being held only because of the damage done by original sin have a different one again. While the torment of these latter consists in the lack of the beatific vision and of the light of the elect, still they come close to mercy and joy in the sense that they do not experience horrible punishments, since they bear no effects of any evil deeds of their own doing. Otherwise, if God did not ordain the number and limit of the punishments, the devil would never show any limits in tormenting them.”
—Our Lady, to St. Bridget of Sweden, ‘The Revelations’
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“If you’re willing to feed people including th…

“If you’re willing to feed people including the hungriest, crying child and even the lonely person in the nursing home, we experience a glimpse of Heaven.”
Thank you, @fatherleofeeds, for speaking up for the most vulnerable, young and old, through social media!
Fr. Leo is the host of “Father Leo Feeds: A Plating Grace Production” on YouTube and founder of Plating Grace.
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