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“Charity unites us to God… There is not…

“Charity unites us to God… There is nothing mean in charity, nothing arrogant. Charity knows no schism, does not rebel, does all things in concord. In charity all the elect of God have been made perfect.” -Pope St. Clement I
“Charity is that with which no man is lost, and without which no man is saved.” -St. Robert Bellarmine
“If we look forward to receiving God’s mercy, we can never fail to do good so long as we have the strength. For if we share with the poor, out of love for God, whatever he has given to us, we shall receive according to his promise a hundredfold in eternal happiness. What a fine profit, what a blessed reward! With outstretched arms he begs us to turn toward him, to weep for our sins, and to become the servants of love, first for ourselves, then for our neighbors. Just as water extinguishes a fire, so love wipes away sin.” -St. John of God
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This is the schenkenberger family. This is Lor…

This is the schenkenberger family. This is Lori, her husband Steve, and their 5 sons. Last year on a normal day, their lives were forever changed when Steve was hit while riding his bike. ✨
Lori and i met about 7 years ago, right when we both were pregnant. And we were pregnant a few more times together. They lived in our hood for a bit, and our kids were always playing together. Always. ✨
Today, we lift up Lori in prayer. We pray for her continued strength as she cares for her husband and their five sons. While she manages a household on her own. We pray for the boys. We pray for Steve. We ask God for a miracle. We ask you to please pray for them. Please consider helping financially, in addition to your prayers.
Please pray. Please comment. Please donate. Please repost.
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Please pray with us! May Jesus provide a perma…

Please pray with us! May Jesus provide a permanent solution to our water problems. 🙏
To Donate Visit:
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ATTENTION!! Your Help is Needed!! The Sisters …

ATTENTION!! Your Help is Needed!! The Sisters of the Resurrection have a rich history of serving the Church all over the world. Here in the United States, Youth Ministry is a vital part of their work and these three Sisters need our help, so they can bring a group of young adults from the Albany Diocese to Washington D.C. for the March for Life on January 19th. Can you help make this trip possible for the Sisters and these kids? All money raised goes towards their transportation costs. They will be up early on the 19th leaving by 5:00 am to return very late that same day. They are excited about going and be assured of their prayers on this long train trip to and from our nation’s capital and this important event for the Pro-Life movement.
To donate visit:
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St. Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor of King H…

St. Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor of King Henry VIII. He seemed to live a comfortable life. Yet, he served the poor in many ways and known only to his daughter who laundered his clothing, he wore a hair shirt. More also died a martyr rather than compromise his faith, for refusing to publicly support the King’s immoral remarriage.

Consider also that behind so many of our Catholic institutions and Catholic media are wealthy donors. Ultimately, we need to simply concern ourselves with what God is asking of us. To live poorly but then to sneer at the wealthy is still the sin of pride.

Rather than judge those who have a lot or a little money, we must personally strive to detach from it. The day I heard that the Beatles’ George Harrison had died, the thought crossed my mind: “Well, he’s no different than a cleaning lady now.” His soul lay bare before God with no earthly fame and fortune to lean on. Just as it will be for us one day.

Ultimately, the relationship between money and Catholics is awkward because it is supposed to be. We are to be in the world not of the world. It’s less about the money and more about the challenge of detachment. Whether we work in an around the Church or not, we should be no less committed to the Gospel.
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Message by @schecoperez: “I am dismayed by what my country…

Message by @schecoperez:
“I am dismayed by what my country is experiencing. It is time for us to unite. I have made an alliance with @fund_carlosslim and for every $1 that @fundacionchecoperez receives, they will put $5. Would you join us? To start this initiative, personally I will donate 3 million pesos. Let us together support those who need us most at this time.”
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Donate today and get a timely and exclusive Texas Tee to show…

Donate today and get a timely and exclusive Texas Tee to show your support of our Brothers and Sisters in need. While we continue to volunteer and pray for our friends on the Texas coast, they also need your support. Please consider donating to one of the Catholic Charities in Texas as they will need much help in the coming months.  Proceeds from this shirt will go straight to Catholic Charities to assist them in their relief effort. Feel free to share! In partnership with @catholictshirtclub ?
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Pray for Texas!? Buy a shirt to donate! All proceeds go to…

Pray for Texas!?
Buy a shirt to donate! All proceeds go to @ccharities_ghtx ?❤️
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