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“Modern man listens more willingly to witnesse…

“Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.” -Pope Paul VI

A heresy is not the total rejection of the Christian faith but a distortion of it. One essential truth is denied or exaggerated at the expense of another essential truth. For example, knowledge about the teachings of Christ is important, but the Gnostic heretics claimed that such knowledge was more important than faith. They taught that salvation came through knowledge and not by faith in Jesus Christ. Even though heresies are bad, we can better appreciate the true faith by knowing what to avoid.

“Iron is sharpened by iron; one person sharpens another.” — Proverbs 27:17

“Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoever finds one finds a treasure. Faithful friends are beyond price, no amount can balance their worth. Faithful friends are life-saving medicine; those who fear God will find them. Those who fear the Lord enjoy stable friendship, for as they are, so will their neighbors be.” — Sirach 6:14-17

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“If we wish to follow Christ closely, we canno…

“If we wish to follow Christ closely, we cannot choose an easy, quiet life. It will be a demanding life, but full of joy.” -Pope Francis
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“Behold I make all things new"allow…

“Behold I make all things new"allow Christ to transform you to sanctity and perfect you in virtue as we begin the journey to restore the Church and the world.
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The laity need to grow in sanctity and holines…

The laity need to grow in sanctity and holiness. How do we build virtue and eradicate our vices through the traditional understanding of the Church? Check out this project @holy40project coming out January 1st. Follow them and get the updates!
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The Consecration of California to Our Blessed …

The Consecration of California to Our Blessed Mother! What a beautiful and meaningful experience, thank you @libuttiangelo for organizing everything! Thank you to the @kofc_official for leading the procession, to all the amazing speakers, and all the priests and laypeople that came out 😇🙏🕊❤️🇻🇦
“Let us live as the Blessed Virgin lived: loving God only, desiring God only, trying to please God only in all that we do.” -St. John Vianney
“…If we do what we have always done, what our fathers did before us, we cannot go wrong. Satan wants to destroy this prayer, but in this he will never succeed. The Rosary is the prayer of those who triumph over everything and everyone. It was Our Lady who taught us this prayer, just as it was Jesus who taught us the Our Father.” -St. Padre Pio
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On young people and hope in the future: I can …

On young people and hope in the future:
I can see it in the faces of the young people. In fact, in the ten years that I have been a bishop, one of the things that has struck me most is a line from the opening of the Gospel of St Luke that I see continuously manifest in so many of our young people, particularly those who give themselves over to witnessing for life. The line in St Luke is: “Theophilus, I’m writing what I’m writing so that you will know the kind of assurance you have in believing in Jesus.” The Greek word for it — paresia — means conviction, assurance, truth!

It does not mean arrogance, by the way. It means a conviction.
Sisters and brothers, I see growing — particularly within our young people, even in the midst sometimes of a desert culture here — this wondrous paresia. I am impressed — at times, whether in confirmations, or in meetings of young people, I am even overwhelmed. Don’t get a big head, but stick with it. Because the paresia, the conviction, is not something you constructed, the paresia is not something we make — its the gift that comes as hearts melt and as the Lord Jesus is the centerpiece: the one who is the son of the Virgin Mary, whose energetic acceptance of running from Nazareth to Galilee to greet Elizabeth and sing her Magnificat, her energetic acceptance of which takes her all through the life of her Son among us.
Now, you put those things together, friends — you’ve got genuine power. But it’s not a power of this world — that’s why Jesus announces the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God. what is it? The beatitudes begin to unpack it, but by the end of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke you no longer ask “what” is the kingdom of God, you ask “WHO” is the kingdom of God? And you know who that is — it’s the Lord Jesus who has given us the Beatitudes.
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Christ … fulfills this prophetic office…

Christ … fulfills this prophetic office, not only by the hierarchy … but also by the laity. He accordingly both establishes them as witnesses and provides them with the sense of the faith [sensus fidei] and the grace of the word"
To teach in order to lead others to faith is the task of every preacher and of each believer.
Lay people also fulfill their prophetic mission by evangelization, “that is, the proclamation of Christ by word and the testimony of life.” For lay people, “this evangelization … acquires a specific property and peculiar efficacy because it is accomplished in the ordinary circumstances of the world.”
This witness of life, however, is not the sole element in the apostolate; the true apostle is on the lookout for occasions of announcing Christ by word, either to unbelievers … or to the faithful.
Lay people who are capable and trained may also collaborate in catechetical formation, in teaching the sacred sciences, and in use of the communications media.
“In accord with the knowledge, competence, and preeminence which they possess, [lay people] have the right and even at times a duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful, with due regard to the integrity of faith and morals and reverence toward their pastors, and with consideration for the common good and the dignity of persons.”
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“Please do not be mad at them or at God if I g…

“Please do not be mad at them or at God if I get killed”
Today we pray for the American Christian missionary who left a letter to his family and journal entries written ON the remote Indian island where he planned to convert tribe members who then shot him dead with arrows.
Whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. (Rom 14:8)
Eternal rest grant unto them , O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them .
May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
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Are you willing to do the ridiculous for the L…

Are you willing to do the ridiculous for the Lord?
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“To our lovely people from Catholic Connect, W…

“To our lovely people from Catholic Connect,
We invite you to the World Youth Day in Panama 🇵🇦
—We accept your invitation, we will be there! 😄❤️🕊🇻🇦
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