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She [Sr. Faustina] wrote in her diary that Jesus Himself said…

She [Sr. Faustina] wrote in her diary that Jesus Himself said that He was about to destroy one of the most beautiful cities of our country like Sodom was destroyed on account of the crimes perpetrated there [Diary, entry 39]. Having read about these things in the Diary I asked her what does the prophecy mean? She answered confirming what she wrote and replying to a further question of mine, on account of what kind of sins God was going to inflict these punishments. She answered: especially for the killing of infants not yet born, the most grievous crime of all.
This special concern for the killing of unborn children fits with what St. Faustina wrote about mysterious bodily pains she experienced, which no medicines could relieve, and which she offered up to heaven, “in order to offer reparation to God for the souls murdered in the wombs of wicked mothers” ( Diary, entry 1276).
Her confessor [Fr. Sopocko] later discovered that, between the First and Second World Wars, the city of Warsaw, which as the capital of Poland, was also one of the great capitals of abortion in the world! While Sister Faustina lived and prayed, that city was spared. But hardly a year after her death, Poland was invaded, and by the time the war was over, Warsaw was almost completely destroyed [much like Sodom and Gomorrah!].
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