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Why is it that every Friday in Lent we crave m…

Why is it that every Friday in Lent we crave meat? We have to put those cravings to the side because we abstain from meat during Lent, but cold cuts, steaks, and even chicken nuggets are wanted more than ever! We can take this small sacrifice and know the Catholic (Universal) Church is with us every step of the journey as we remember the steps Jesus took on His path towards His passion, death, and Resurrection. Sorry to make you hungry, but there’s always tomorrow! TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO SEE THIS!
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You are Loved! “My director, Jesus, does…

You are Loved!
“My director, Jesus, does not teach me to count my acts, but to do everything for love, to refuse Him nothing, to be pleased when He gives me a chance to prove to Him that I love Him – but all this in peace – in abandonment.” —St. Therese of Lisieux in a letter to Celine
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The enemy has many names, including Beelzebul,…

The enemy has many names, including Beelzebul, the evil one, the ruler of the demons and of this world, the serpent, and the tempter. He is not a metaphor or a myth, but a real creature, a fallen angel. Pope Paul VI, in an audience titled, “Confronting the Devil’s power” (Nov. 15, 1972), said that refusing to acknowledge the devil’s existence or to explain him away as “a pseudo-reality, a conceptual, fanciful personification of the unknown causes of our misfortunes” is a complete rejection of Scripture and Church teaching. Ironically, the refusal of so many—including not a few Catholics—to admit the true identity of the devil is itself a dark triumph for the great deceiver.
We are rarely tempted to flatly deny the existence of God or to publicly curse him. Rather, we are tempted to gradually replace God, the highest good, with lesser goods: food, comfort, safety, possessions, and position. People rarely go from Christian to atheist in a matter of days or weeks. As Benedict points out, the devil is just as pleased when we demand that God caters to our wishes as he is when we reject God altogether. They are, in the end, not so different, especially when it comes to destroying the life of grace.
In facing the enemy and rejecting temptation, Jesus revealed himself. Lent is our opportunity to do the same, in the name and power of the Lord.
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“He stayed in the desert for forty days.&ldquo…

“He stayed in the desert for forty days.“ Lent is a marathon, not a sprint. Forty days is a long enough time that enthusiasm wears off and we need to wrestle with our resolution: How badly do I really want to change? I’ve read that it takes forty days to build a new habit. This makes sense to me. It is a long enough time that it allows for a choice to move from inspiration to deep inner conviction. If you feel like you are struggling under the hot desert sun with your Lenten resolution: AWESOME! You are moving from inspiration to change. Don’t give up in the battle.
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Pope Francis has called for a Worldwide Day of…

Pope Francis has called for a Worldwide Day of Prayer and Fasting for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the World on Friday of the First Week of Lent, 23 February. Let us join him in prayer for world peace.
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I have seen Satan fall… “How than…

I have seen Satan fall…
“How thankful, then, should not sinners be to God for having bestowed such ample power on the priests of His Church! Unlike the priests of the Old Law who merely declared the leper cleansed from his leprosy, the power now given to the priests of the New Law is not limited to declaring the sinner absolved from his sins, but, as a minister of God, he truly absolves from sin. This is an effect of which God Himself, the author and source of grace and justice, is the principal cause.” -Catechism of the Council of Trent
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Don’t forget to abstain from eating meat…

Don’t forget to abstain from eating meat today!
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Ash Wednesday and Lenten Resolutions. Via @fr_…

Ash Wednesday and Lenten Resolutions.
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Preparing for Lent.. The Great Flood lasted fo…

Preparing for Lent..
The Great Flood lasted for 40 days (Genesis 7:12)…
Moses spent 40 days on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 34:28)…
The Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 days (Numbers 14:33)
Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days (Matthew 4:2)…
You are about to enter into the season of Lent, lasting 40 days.
The number 40 represents something so beautiful: A period of preparation and cleansing (through fasting, prayer, and almsgiving) for something great that is coming. Lent is the perfect time to refresh our hearts and refocus ourselves on what really matters. That is why we give up the things (good and bad) that distract us and lead us away from God.
Lent is so much more than meaningless abstinence. It is about giving up the little things to grow in our ability to not give in to the larger things. It is about growing in patience with ourselves and in relationship with God through prayer. It is about remembering God’s incredible mercy and His never-ending desire to forgive us – to forgive you, to forgive me. It is about growing in humility; because the sooner we recognize we can’t do it all on our own, the quicker we realize God has it all under control.
”As gifts increase in you, let your humility grow, for you must consider that everything is given to you on loan.” -St. Pio
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