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“The real heroes, the real celebrities, are th…

“The real heroes, the real celebrities, are the saints. They’re the only ones worth imitating.” -Father John Riccardo
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Kinda late but Happy Father’s Day to the best …

Kinda late but Happy Father’s Day to the best Padre out there 👨🏻‍⚕️🏆😄🕊🇻🇦
In children we have a great charge committed to us. Let us bestow great care upon them, and do everything that the Evil One may not rob us of them. But now our practice is the reverse of this. We take all care indeed to have our farm in good order, and to commit it to faithful manager, we look out for it an ass-driver, and muleteer, and bailiff, and a clever accomptant. But we do not look out for what is much more important, for a person to whom we may commit our son as the guardian of his morals, though this is a possession much more valuable than all others. It is for him indeed that we take such care of our estate. We take care of our possessions for our children, but of the children themselves we take no care at all. Form the soul of thy son aright, and all the rest will be added hereafter.” —Homilies on 1 Timothy, Homily 9.
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“Parents teach their children mainly through their own conduct. What a son or daughter looks for in a father or mother is not only a certain amount of knowledge or some more or less effective advice, but primarily something more important: a proof of the value and meaning of life, shown through the life of a specific person, and confirmed in the different situations and circumstances that occur over a period of time.
If I were to give advice to parents, I would tell them, above all, let your children see that you are trying to live in accordance with your faith. Don’t let yourselves be deceived: they see everything, from their earliest years, and they judge everything. Let them see that God is not only on your lips, but also in your deeds; that you are trying to be loyal and sincere, and that you love each other and you really love them too.
For me there is no clearer example of this practical union of justice and charity than the behaviour of mothers. They love all their children with the same degree of affection, and it is precisely this same love that impels them to treat each one differently, with an unequal justice, since each child is different from the others.
This is how you will best contribute to making your children become true Christians, men and women of integrity, capable of facing all life’s situations with an open spirit, of serving their fellow men and helping to solve the problems of mankind, of carrying the testimony of Christ to the society of which they will be a part.” -St. Josemaría Escrivá
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COMPLETE TRUST – “’Cast to the right of the bo…

COMPLETE TRUST – “’Cast to the right of the boat, and you will have a catch. So they cast the net, and found before long they had no strength to haul it in, such a shoal of fish was in it.‘ Now they understand. They, the disciples, recall what they have heard so often from their Master’s lips: fishers of men, apostles. And they realize that all things are possible, because it is He who is directing their fishing. ‘Whereupon the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, It is the Lord.’ Love, love is farsighted. Love is the first to appreciate kindness. The adolescent Apostle, who felt a deep and firm affection for Jesus, because he loved Christ with all the purity and tenderness of a heart that had never been corrupted, exclaimed: ‘It is the Lord!’” St. Josemaria Escriva
Friends of God, no. 266
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“I don’t understand how you can call yourself …

“I don’t understand how you can call yourself a Christian and lead such an idle, useless life. Have you forgotten Christ’s life of toil? May your behavior and your conversation be such that everyone who sees or hears you can say: This man reads the life of Jesus Christ” –St. Josemaría Escrivá, The Way
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“When I think of Christian homes, I like to im…

“When I think of Christian homes, I like to imagine them as being full of the light and joy that was found in the home of the Holy Family.” -St. Josemaría Escrivá
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“The state of grace is nothing other than puri…

“The state of grace is nothing other than purity, and it gives heaven to those who clothe themselves in it. Holiness, therefore, is simply the state of grace purified, illuminated, beautified by the most perfect purity, exempt not only from mortal sin but also from the smallest faults; purity will make saints of you! Everything lies in this!” –St. Peter Eymard
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This time of Advent is a time for hope. Ask ou…

This time of Advent is a time for hope. Ask our Lady, along with me, to make it come true. Try to imagine how she spent these months, waiting for her Son to be born. Christ is passing by, 11.
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Bishop Alvaro del Portillo used to quote “with great delight,”…

Bishop Alvaro del Portillo used to quote “with great delight,” as he himself put it, the advice that Pope Paul VI had given him during his first audience after the death of Monsignor Escriva. “He encouraged me,” he would say, “to have always the most absolute fidelity to the founder’s spirit. He said to me in a very assured and enthusiastic tone of voice, ‘Always, whenever you have some matter to resolve, put yourself in the presence of God and ask yourself, What would the founder do? And then act accordingly’.”
“Analogously speaking, I see Blessed Alvaro a little bit as a St. Therese, in the sense that his love was extraordinary, he would lay down his life, but always through the medium of the ordinary.”
Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, pray for us!
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“You should realize that God wants you to be glad and that, if…

“You should realize that God wants you to be glad and that, if you do all you can, you will be happy, very, very happy, although you will never for a moment be without the Cross. But that Cross is no longer a gallows. It is the throne from which Christ reigns. And at his side, his Mother, our Mother too. The Blessed Virgin will obtain for you the strength that you need to walk decisively in the footsteps of her Son.” -Josemaría Escrivá
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