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A priest in Ireland got tired of listening to …

A priest in Ireland got tired of listening to people explain why they don’t go to Mass on Sundays. He wrote this in the bulletin.
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“There is no place in the priesthood tod…

“There is no place in the priesthood today for “wimpish-ness.” There is no place for an attitude that just wants to please people, no matter what they think and no matter what they want. Today the priest has to stand up and be brave, preaching the Truth with love. He has to be willing to be unpopular. And if it comes to it, he has to be open to martyrdom” – Bishop Robert C. Morlino
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“If I were not a Catholic, and were looking fo…

“If I were not a Catholic, and were looking for the true Church in the world today, I would look for the one Church which did not get along well with the world; in other words, I would look for the Church which the world hates. My reason for doing this would be, that if Christ is in any one of the churches of the world today, He must still be hated as He was when He was on earth in the flesh. If you would find Christ today, then find the Church that does not get along with the world. Look for the Church that is hated by the world, as Christ was hated by the world. Look for the Church which is accused of being behind the times, as Our Lord was accused of being ignorant and never having learned. Look for the Church which men sneer at as socially inferior, as they sneered at Our Lord because He came from Nazareth. Look for the Church which is accused of having a devil, as Our Lord was accused of being possessed by Beelzebub, the Prince of Devils. Look for the Church which theworld rejects because it claims it is infallible, as Pilate rejected Christ because he called Himself the Truth. Look for the Church which amid the confusion of conflicting opinions, its members love as they love Christ, and respect its voice as the very voice of its Founder, and the suspicion will grow, that if the Church is unpopular with the spirit of the world, then it is unworldly, and if it is unworldly, it is other-worldly. Since it is other-worldly, it is infinitely loved and infinitely hated as was Christ Himself. … the Catholic Church is the only Church existing today which goes back to the time of Christ. History is so very clear on this point, it is curious how many miss its obviousness…” -Venerable Fulton J. Sheen
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A beautiful church is a house for the poor, a …

A beautiful church is a house for the poor, a place of spiritual feeding, and a catechism in stone. The church is a beacon and a city set on a hill. It can evangelize, by expressing the beauty, permanence, and transcendence of Christianity. Most importantly, the church building is an image of our Lord’s body, and in constructing a place of worship we become like the woman anointing Christ’s body with precious ointment. (Mark 14:3-9).
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O my God, I love you above all things, with my…

O my God, I love you above all things, with my whole heart and soul, because you are all-good and worthy of all love. I love my neighbor as myself for the love of you. I forgive all who have injured me, and I ask pardon of all whom I have injured.
These three sentences challenge us to think about real love in a way the world around us doesn’t! The Act of Love prayer brings to mind our Lord’s two great commandments to us, expressed in the Gospels: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind [and] thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matt 22:37, 39).
Jesus made it very clear many times in the Gospels, and in the Lord’s Prayer, that we show our love for Him in how we treat other people, and that He will forgive us as much as we forgive them. Also, we must not poison our relationships with others by being too proud to apologize when we have wronged them.
God’s idea of love is not the same as that expressed in too many songs and TV programs these days, all about sex and self-gratification. The love He seeks from us, and asks us to give others, is an agapelove (from the Greek term), one intimately mingled with charity.
This love is one of God’s gifts to us. It is one of three theological virtues, along with faith and hope, each with their own prayer! Often referred to as “charity” in traditional translations of the Bible, it consists of loving God, as the Act of Love prayer states “above all things,” and loving our neighbor out of love for Him.
It doesn’t come from our feelings, that is to say, from our natural likes and dislikes, but rather from our will in our desire to please God.
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The proud person, by very definition, does not…

The proud person, by very definition, does not realize he is proud. If he realized he was proud he would repent, but it is pride which keeps him from seeing that he is wrong or sinful in any way. Pride is a very difficult sin to do anything about because the proud person will even go so far as to admit that he is proud, and that makes him even more “right” than he was before!
What a subtle, lying, deceitful and insidious sin pride is! No wonder it is called “the first sin”. No wonder it is the first and most terrible sin of Satan who is the Father of Lies. Is pride deadly? Yes. It is deadly like a poisoned apple. It is deadly like a smiling murderer. Pride kills because the proud person cannot stand others who disagree. Not only does the proud person have to be right, but as their pride grows they must also destroy everyone else who is wrong. They cannot allow an enemy to remain. The proud person may not kill literally, but they kill reputations through gossip and detraction. They kill good will through hatred and recrimination. They kill charity through revenge and nursing a grudge. They kill friendship through arrogance, indifference to others and lack of compassion.

Humility counters pride. The word “humility” is derived from the same root as humor and “humus” which means “earth.” A humble person is down to earth. A humble person has a good sense of humor. Most of all, the humble person knows his failures, faults and foibles. He knows himself and can laugh at himself.
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Never forget that there are only two philosoph…

Never forget that there are only two philosophies to rule your life: the one of the cross, which starts with the fast and ends with the feast. The other of Satan, which starts with the feast and ends with the headache.” -Ven. Fulton J. Sheen
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Father Amatulli, has passed away. He was a pri…

Father Amatulli, has passed away. He was a priest very much loved in Mexico for his tireless apologetic work.
“We feel and regret his departure to the House of the Father, but as men and women of faith, we wait and ask trusting that the Lord will grant him the prize of the Righteous,” his Diocese said in a statement.
Father Amatulli was considered one of the main Catholic apologists in Mexico and throughout Latin America. He wrote about ninety publications, including books and pamphlets, and devoted to warn about different denominations and Protestant sects and refute their mistakes. At present, he promoted the action of the Catholic Church on an international level to solve the problem of the new religious proselytizing and to promote the biblical pastoral. Father Amatulli favored the apostolic and apologetic formation of the laity to counteract with the Bible the Protestant expansion in Mexico and other countries of America. They are present in Mexico, Latin America and some countries in Europe and Africa. His apostolate is developed in three aspects: biblical pastoral, promotion and defense of the faith and permanent parish missions.

Grant them, O Lord, eternal rest and that Your perpetual light illuminates them. May the souls of the faithful departed by the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

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Bartolo Longo, born in Naples in 1841, drifted…

Bartolo Longo, born in Naples in 1841, drifted so far away from God and his religious upbringing that he eventually became a satanic priest. When satanic forces were tormenting him, his family, who had never stopped praying for him, convinced him to make a good confession. He did and was helped by a priest who encouraged him to become devoted to the rosary. In 1870, he became a third order Dominican and chose to live a life of penance in reparation for all the sins he committed as a satanic priest. One day, nearing succumbing to despair for all the sins he had committed, he was inspired to remember Mary’s promise to help all those who encouraged others to pray the rosary. So began a mission to promote the rosary and to restore the ruined chapel of Pompeii. Many conversions and miraculous cures took place as people became devoted to the rosary and pledged to build a new shrine in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary. In 1980, Pope John Paul II beatified Bartolo Longo calling him “the man of the Madonna” and the “Apostle of the Rosary.”
Bartolo Longo, despite your sinful past you changed your ways and embraced our almighty God, pray for us miserable sinners that we may follow your example. Turn us from our wicked ways and through your intercession let us embrace the One, Holy, and Apostolic Catholic Church so that we may once again be reunited as a family in Heaven. Bartolo Longo, pray for us!
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Physician-assisted suicide is part of a “throw…

Physician-assisted suicide is part of a “throwaway culture” that offers a “false compassion” and treats a human person as a problem, Pope Francis told medical leaders.
“True compassion does not marginalize anyone, nor does it humiliate and exclude – much less considers the disappearance of a person as a good thing,” the Pope said. He criticized “those who hide behind an alleged compassion to justify and approve the death of a patient.”
Compassion is a necessary part of the medical profession, Pope Francis stressed.
“The dignity of human life is at stake. The dignity of the medical vocation is at stake.”
Pope Francis reflected on the theological aspects of health and medicine. In the biblical tradition, there is a close link between health and salvation.
“The Fathers of the Church used to refer to Christ and His work of salvation with the title ‘Christus Medicus’ (Christ the Doctor),” the Pope explained. “He is the Good Shepherd who cares for the wounded sheep and comforts the sick. He is the Good Samaritan who does not pass by the injured person at the roadside, but rather, moved by compassion, cures and attends to him.”
The Pope added he likes to bless doctors’ hands as a sign to recognize “this compassion that becomes the caress of health.”
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