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On Friday, January 18, Knights from across the…

On Friday, January 18, Knights from across the country will gather in Washington, D.C. for the 46th annual @marchforlife #CatholicConnect #Knights4Life #uniquefromdayone #whywemarch (at Washington, District of Columbia)

Why do you march for life? Join @officialbensh…

Why do you march for life? Join @officialbenshapiro and share your why using #whywemarch. Submit your #whywemarch video at for a chance to be featured.
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🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🗳👶❤️ Roe v Wade has caused the leg…

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🗳👶❤️ Roe v Wade has caused the legal deaths of over 60,853,941+ babies in the United States of America…
Roe created an “absolute right to abortion” under which “any abortion can be justified”
“Most Americans favor legal restrictions on abortion that go way beyond current law,” according to Lydia Saad, a senior editor for the Gallup polling company which has long tracked abortion opinion.
The way Americans self-identify has changed dramatically over the years. In the mid-1990s, “pro-life” was a distinct minority view. But in May 2009, for the first time, a significantly greater percentage of Americans self-identified as “pro-life” than “pro-choice.”
According to Gallup, only a small minority of Americans agree with Roe:
—61% of Americans say abortion should be illegal after the fetal heartbeat has begun, which occurs in the first month of pregnancy.
—72% of Americans say abortion should be illegal after the first 3 months of pregnancy.
—86% of Americans say abortion should be illegal after the first 6 months of pregnancy.
—Only 6% -17% of Americans believe abortion should be legal at any time, in all circumstances.
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Is it a mortal sin to vote for a pro-abortion …

Is it a mortal sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate?

Except in the case in which a voter is faced with all pro-abortion candidates (in which case, as explained in question 8 above, he or she strives to determine which of them would cause the let damage in this regard), a candidate that is pro-abortion disqualifies himself from receiving a Catholic’s vote. This is because being pro-abortion cannot simply be placed alongside the candidate’s other positions on Medicare and unemployment, for example; and this is because abortion is intrinsically evil and cannot be morally justified for any reason or set of circumstances. To vote for such a candidate even with the knowledge that the candidate is pro-abortion is to become an accomplice in the moral evil of abortion. If the voter also knows this, then the voter sins mortally.
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If I may not vote for a pro-abortion candidate…

If I may not vote for a pro-abortion candidate, then should it not also be true that I can’t vote for a pro-capital punishment candidate?

It is not correct to think of abortion and capital punishment as the very same kind of moral issue. On the one hand, direct abortion is an intrinsic evil, and cannot be justified for any purpose or in any circumstances. On the other hand, the Church has always taught that it is the right and responsibility of the legitimate temporal authority to defend and preserve the common good, and more specifically to defend citizens against the aggressor. This defense against the aggressor may resort to the death penalty if no other means of defense is sufficient. The point here is that the death penalty is understood as an act of self-defense on the part of civil society. In more recent times, in his encyclical Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II has taught that the need for such self-defense to resort to the death penalty is “rare, if not virtually nonexistent.” Thus, while the Pope is saying that the burden of proving the need for the death penalty in specific cases should rest on the shoulders of the legitimate temporal authority, it remains true that the legitimate temporal authority alone has the authority to determine if and when a “rare” case arises that warrants the death penalty. Moreover, if such a rare case does arise and requires resorting to capital punishment, this societal act of self-defense would be a *morally good action* even if it does have the unintended and unavoidable evil effect of the death of the aggressor. Thus, unlike the case of abortion, it would be morally irresponsible to rule out all such “rare” possibilities a priori, just as it would be morally irresponsible to apply the death penalty indiscriminately.
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Witness the unbelievable true story on the big…

Witness the unbelievable true story on the big screen. GOSNELL NOW BREAKS INTO TOP 10 FILMS AT THE BOX OFFICE ON OPENING WEEKEND! 🎥
Via @gosnell_movie ❤️
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Life’s miracle of birth ❤️ an inside view of l…

Life’s miracle of birth ❤️ an inside view of life inside the womb.
A child is not something owed to one, but is a gift. The “supreme gift of marriage” is a human person. A child may not be considered a piece of property, an idea to which an alleged “right to a child” would lead. In this area, only the child possesses genuine rights: the right “to be the fruit of the specific act of the conjugal love of his parents,” and “the right to be respected as a person from the moment of his conception.
The Gospel shows that physical sterility is not an absolute evil. Spouses who still suffer from infertility after exhausting legitimate medical procedures should unite themselves with the Lord’s Cross, the source of all spiritual fecundity. They can give expression to their generosity by adopting abandoned children or performing demanding services for others.
—CCC 2378-2379
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Science more and more reveals that from the ea…

Science more and more reveals that from the earliest stage of development, the unborn is a human being.
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Abortion concerns not just the unborn child, i…

Abortion concerns not just the unborn child, it concerns every one of us. The English poet, John Donne, wrote: “… any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”
We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life—the unborn—without diminishing the value of all human life. We saw tragic proof of this truism when the Indiana courts allowed the starvation death of “Baby Doe” in Bloomington because the child had Down’s Syndrome.
Despite the formidable obstacles before us, we must not lose heart. This is not the first time our country has been divided by a Supreme Court decision that denied the value of certain human lives. The Dred Scott decision of 1857 was not overturned in a day, or a year, or even a decade. At first, only a minority of Americans recognized and deplored the moral crisis brought about by denying the full humanity of our black brothers and sisters; but that minority persisted in their vision and finally prevailed. They did it by appealing to the hearts and minds of their countrymen, to the truth of human dignity under God. From their example, we know that respect for the sacred value of human life is too deeply engrained in the hearts of our people to remain forever suppressed. But the great majority of the American people have not yet made their voices heard, and we cannot expect them to—any more than the public voice arose against slavery—until the issue is clearly framed and presented.
Make no mistake, abortion-on-demand is not a right granted by the Constitution. No serious scholar, including one disposed to agree with the Court’s result, has argued that the framers of the Constitution intended to create such a right.
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“Every life is worth fighting for. Kris…

“Every life is worth fighting for.
Kristina’s birth mom chose adoption over the option of abortion. Because of that decision, Kristina was adopted by an incredible couple who raised her right, brought her to church, sent her to Summer camp at Covecrest, let her be a Summer missionary, and ultimately, she met me. And next year, I get to marry her!

I believe life begins at conception, and I know how much better my life has been since I met Kristina; so I am eternally thankful for her birth mom choosing life.
I pray for everyone who has been affected by abortion: All the people who never got a chance to be a husband or a bride, a friend, daughter, or a son because their life was aborted. And even those who are pro-choice. No matter how opposing our viewpoints may be, I love them and respect them as my brothers and sisters. We are all humans.
Though, I believe that it will be our generation that will end abortion. I hope more people will choose life, and ultimately change the world. My life has been forever changed because of just one woman who chose life.” – Jay, in love with Kristina. @lt_jaymartin @kristinapalilla. @marchforlife @talkaboutadoption
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